Traveling by mountain bike

Is there a better way to explore the surroundings of Neumarkt and the Mühlviertel than on a mountain bike? Yes, of course! No one is like the other and while one prefers to travel to the world-famous "Flügelaltar" to Kefermarkt or to the sights of Linz and Krumau by car, others want to aproach these destinations by bike. Mountain bike friends will have a great time with us. On request, we offer guided tours with a state-certified mountain bike instructor. It will be an unforgettable experience. Of course you get a souvenier photo from your adventure.

Technical training and tour guidance

Have you got used to your click paddles already? Can you do the "fake bunny" or even the "bunny hop"? If you want to, we will teach you the elementary techniques of mountain biking. Since mountain biking is a life setting for us, it is no enough to know only one way to travel with our guests. We draw from a rich repertoire of different paths, with different levels. Thus, we can compile the ideal tour four you, where you want to get more.

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